Writing, Design, & Web Development

Whether in print or online, we’ll work with you to shape your message and present it to the universe in the most effective manner possible. We’ll even help unearth what that message might be. While we’re not intergalactic heroes (yet), we are ready to help your next project blast off. Contact us to start working together. We promise to keep the terrible space puns to a minimum.

ElseLoop is a small communications studio founded in 2007 by Dan Manchester. We specialize in web design & development alongside marketing & PR, with a focus on non–profits, writers, & artists.

From our homebase in Portland, Oregon, we work with clients across the United States on projects ranging from web sites to email campaigns, press releases to book designs. If you have a project Elseloop can help with, let us know.

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Past work that still sends us into orbit

  • Salamander Magazine
  • The Last Decent Jukebox in America
  • Suss: another literary journal
  • abstrAKtions
  • Justin Petropoulos
  • The Promt Machine
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early signs of life among our works-in-progress…

{ If / Then }

an occasional weblog by Team ElseLoop

We'll get there soon. Promise.